Typography and uniformity

BK Translation® guarantees that the original typographic adjustments correspond to the translated text and that uniformity is maintained in the target language.

In this regard, it must be mentioned that only an original text with homogeneous typographic characters will guarantee the uniformity of the target text, and that having to work subsequently on the test will simply increase the client’s correction costs.

One of BK Translation®'s tasks is therefore to act as a guide in the preparation of uniformity within a logical period of time, as well as on the transmission of information of the resulting possibilities.
Depending on the format, a decision will be taken as to whether the typography presented by the client can be maintained, or what other options are available.

Moreover, the uniformity must observe the specific demands of the language, such as those pertaining to punctuation: in several languages, a space must be left before punctuation marks (comma, period, hyphen, inverted commas, etc.), whereas in other languages these marks are placed right after the last word.
In some languages, punctuation marks are used to replace an “etc.” or some other expression; we also harmonise the number of these signs in order to guarantee uniformity in the corresponding language.

We address any special requests that take into account the translation of proper nouns or things in all languages or in specific ones with our clients. Even when different languages have different translation needs, we guarantee the correction of the translations and that the clients’ wishes will be observed as far as possible.