BK Translation® is a translation and interpreting agency located in Salou (Tarragona), Spain, which has been offering its clients an excellent ISO 9001/00-certified translation and interpreting service since 1999.
Thanks to our permanent and sustainable quality control systems, we can cater to the most stringent quality demands of our clients. Our company provides translation and interpreting services in almost all language combinations, doing so with superior quality.

BK Translation Interpreters

For a decade now, the pressure to meet deadlines has been part of routine practice in translation and interpreting. We are therefore highly used to making deliveries punctually, and we always observe delivery terms. Translating and interpreting under pressure is part of our daily practice. We are more than ready to meet any deadlines required by our clients.

We realise that a translation is often the last or the second-last link in a long chain of processes and that our translations are needed urgently before printing, dummying and publication. Our clients rate us very highly thanks to our capacity to react and adapt, as well as our flexibility.