One might wonder which interpreting technique best suits the congress or conference.

The decision between one type of interpreting and another is one of the most important when guaranteeing a successful talk, conference or congress. BK Interpreters strongly recommends that you talk to us so that we can assess you on the possible outsourcing of the services, so that you will have the closest possible idea as to the translation company. Only in this way will you be able to know if you are dealing with a professional who is familiar with the interpreting world.

We always recommend a professional interpreting company to our clients. The latter must always have an international and acknowledged quality hallmark, namely the ISO9001/00, which endorses excellent quality, will have its own personnel department that performs annual inspections on its personnel and should offer sufficient language combinations and availability.

Quality assurance is one of the strong points of BK Interpreters. We fully realise the importance attributed to the quality of the services that we offer, and concentrate all our efforts in guaranteeing impeccable quality. We know that our clients only want highest-quality service, which will also guarantee their loyalty. Quality requirements and assurance entail a use of personnel and capital in the form of investments which in turn are reflected in the service.
At the same time, BK Interpreters can provide a large number of booths, together with different exotic language combinations. We deal with the installation of the booth, the equipment, the audiovisual equipment and all the technical assistance. We organise the congress and all the work involved, such as the making of a presentation video or the congress website.

BK Interpreters will take care of all subcontracting work for events and congresses with the utmost professionality and seriousness.

Logically, we guarantee only services by BK Interpreters, and meet your specifications for the congress or meeting. Therefore, we provide only the international and acknowledged forms of linguistic mediation and accept only commissions that are compatible with interpreting requirements.

Thus, our clients place their confidence in a company specialised in interpreting and congresses and which defends interviews and prior assessment as an indispensable requirement for doing a professional job.
To achieve total success, BK Interpreters® must make investments and take ongoing improvement measures which all have to be recouped.