Rates and their configuration

At first sight, the client may have the mistaken impression that BK invoices only for interpreter’s work in situ.
All clients want to know how prices are calculated, which is why we offer a brief summary of the different jobs:

BK Interpreters® Project Management

The project manager will assess the time interval, language combination, the special nature and venue of the event after receiving the client's application.
An interview will then be arranged with the client to provide exhaustive assessment.
An estimate will be issued.
The client will accept the estimate.
BK Interpreters will ask the client for reference material.
Dialogue and working processes between BK Interpreters® and the interpreter.

Preparation of the interpreter:

The interpreter will prepare the job using the reference material supplied, will issue a list of terms and specialised expressions of the client's technical jargon and will source publications, links and other important documents on the Internet to prepare the job properly. The preparation time will begin at least one week before the planned event and will take between 10 and 15 hours, although sometimes, for very technical events, this preparation may be as much as 30 hours.

Preparation through BK Interpreters®:

BK Interpreters® will take care of the necessary sound or video checks, the inspection of the venue and preliminary interviews with the people in charge and other organisational work.

Preparation work by BK Interpreters®:

BK Interpreters will book flights and hotel rooms as necessary, and will prepare descriptions of the route, exact information for the clients and the interpreters' work times.

Interpreting services:

The interpreter and, as the case may be, the BK Interpreters® project manager, will travel to the venue, will talk to the speakers and check the equipment, console, microphones, etc., several times with the help of our technicians.

BK Interpreters®, interpreting service

After the interpreter has completed their work, they will debrief BK Interpreters®, which will then be able to report to the client.

BK Interpreters® subsequent work: 

BK Interpreters® will contact the client for feedback.
The invoices will be issued and sent to the client.
Conclusion: a professional interpreting service requires preparatory work and should be checked efficiently.
BK Interpreters® provides the organisational structure, works behind the scenes and configures the interpreting service.