Knowledge transfer

Verbal and non-verbal communication change daily, through the media and people, changes, and are enriched and confirmed. Philologists, translators, interpreters and all the experts that work with languages must take this almost organic structure of languages into account.

Knowledge transfer takes place in the field of translation and interpretation through a continuous dialogue between clients and the translator or interpreter, with a view to being able to recognise ideas and express them properly in language terms. In addition, translators avail themselves of the knowledge acquired through publications, such as parallel texts, which are to be found in the specialised literature and on the Internet. There is no doubt that the Internet is the most important tool for logical research, and allows us to draw conclusions befitting an expert and which are linguistically correct.

It only remains to be said that first class communication between the Client and BK Translation-Interpreters® is the indispensable requirement and foundation for an excellent understanding, and to be able to obtain a good translation or interpreting job.

Ultimately, rendering one language into another should not be a question of personal interpretation, but rather the result of an understanding of the text in its context.