Client – BK Dialogue and price negotiation

BK Translation® is always open to dialogue; requests and queries from clients are well received and are answered professionally and promptly. Neither do we try to dodge unpleasant questions, but rather seek to give, in any case, either the right answer or a suitable proposal.

That is why we talk to our clients regularly. BK Translation® thus remains abreast of current developments in the company and can adjust its strategies and goals according to needs.

Thanks to a free-flowing exchange of information, BK Translation® can adapt to new events and processes in the company to be able to submit new proposals to the client as briefly as possible.
Information, news and technology converge incessantly in the modern world, and we can therefore never lose sight of this and must integrate it. In this way we can continue to be competitive in the international scenario and offer and implement new solutions.

Being competitive at international level is closely linked to economic questions and to a budget which must be possible to transfer to international level.

Competition is no longer regional or national, but rather is playing an increasingly more important role in the global scenario.

Quality, a professional approach, proximity to the client, the use of translation memories and lifelong training are weighty arguments when choosing a translation company.